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National Road Safety Week 2022, 15-22 May 2022


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Nation Road Safety Week 2022 banner
Nation Road Safety Week 2022 banner
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Good ideas that were never built

The Garden City Cycle Route was identified as a priority back in 2004 and added to the Ten Year Master Plan Trunk Cycling and Walking Path Infrastructure. The idea is not new and neglected for almost 20 years. Keep in mind that we have had a Labor government in the ACT Legislative Assembly since 20 October 2001.

Bike paths parrallel to Northboune Ave and Barry Drive, enlargement of Figure E2 Proposed Cycle Lanes and Share Paths, Ten Year Master Plan Trunk Cycling and Walking Path Infrastructure, Roads ACT, 2004.

2004 plan for bike paths parallel to Northbourne Ave and Barry Drive, enlargement of Figure E2 Proposed Cycle Lanes and Share Paths, Ten Year Master Plan Trunk Cycling and Walking Path Infrastructure, Roads ACT, 2004.

The Garden City Cycle Route would cover over five kilometres across the inner north, with cycle connections, travelling through the suburbs of Watson, Downer, Dickson, Ainslie, Braddon, and the City. The cycle path would include a mix of off-road shared paths and protected on-road cycle lane, and be in direct proximity to approximately 17,000 homes in the inner north corridor.

Labor pledges $5 million for northside bicycle paths, Newstate Media, 16 May 2022.

Where is it up to now?

The answer to how your favourite cycle infrastructure project is progressing. The data in this table is aggregated from many sources.

ProjectLast stage finishedWhen finishedNext stageBegunExpected completion dateWhat is after thatPriority completion dateFirst discussed
Sulwood Drive pathFeasibility study14 Apr 2021Detail designyes Budget Tender Construction2025Federal Election 12/05/2019
Lake Ginninderra pathFeasibility study30 Nov 2021Detail designno Budget Tender ConstructionRequires
pedestrian bridge
ACT Election Oct 2020
Garden City Cycle RouteFrameworkDec 2018Feasibility studyYesJune 2023Detail design Budget Tender Construction2026-2028 2004
5 m shared path on Commonwealth
Tender2022Detailed designnoJuly
ConstructionJune 20252017
Compiled by canberra.bike. Last updated 19 March 2022.

Go Dutch for better intersections

Go Dutch for better intersections. canberra.bike

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National Road Safety Week: 15-22 May 2022

Drive so others survive! National Road Safety Week is coming up next week, 15 to 22 May 2022. Traffic injury is the biggest killer of Australian children under 15. Amongst vulnerable road users, children are the most vulnerable. We need our children to be safe crossing roads if they are to walk to school. Many schools regard the existing safety to be inadequate. Let TCCS do more and talk less.

The direction of the wind

For cycling, ACT Labor is the driving force. The ACT Greens in comparison have proven unable to deliver on their ideas. Worse still, the ACT Greens have failed to approached cycling advocacy strategically. ACT Labor is delivering on its election pledges, although the achievement humble, as ACT Labor do not plan to do much. They lack the ambition necessary to get cycling moving in the ACT.

Pushing uphill in Whitlam

The lower section of Whitlam Stage 2 has opened so that we now have access to the ridge bike path that as been the topic of discussion for over two years now. In Whitlam, the bike paths have not been built along alignments that provide low gradient that bicycle need. The result is some of the steepest paths in Canberra.

30 year history: cycle infrastructure in Belconnen

Belconnen Town Centre opened in the late 1970s. Over the last 40 years, we have had many plans to improve the cycle infrastructure but the progress has been slow. Here maps for the Belconnen district from 1992, 2004, 2007, 2011, 2016, 2019, 2022

18 years later and still not built!

We must remain sceptical of consultations. The consultation for (ACT) Ten Year Master Plan Trunk Cycling and Walking Path Infrastructure 2004, shows us that the recommendations have still not be implemented 18 years later. The process in 2004 has an eerie familiarity to the 2021 District Planning consultations.

Connecting the Molonglo community to Civic

Trying to cycle from the shops at Wright, Molonglo Group Centre or Whitlam to CIVIC will not be easy without good planning. Molonglo Valley currently lacks good design for cycling. The Molonglo River Reserve Management Plan makes it harder, as cycle infrastructure is needed in the reserve area. Cyclist are expected to ride around the reserve area which, as can be seen from maps in this article, will be a long ride.

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Molonglo Group Centre Concept Plan 2022 changes

Current Territory Plan. Source: Molonglo Group Centre Concept Plan 2022. ACT Government, 2022.Proposed changed to Territory Plan from the Molonglo Group Centre Concept Plan 2022. ACT Government, 2022.
The Molonglo Group Centre looks quite different in the 2022 Concept Plan with more open space and less high density housing. Note, the new location of the bridge with John Gorton Drive straightened. Source: Molonglo Group Centre and Surrounds Concept Plan 2022. Read more here.