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Access and connectivity wellbeing category: active travel falls short

The ACT Budget 2021-2025 can be analysed in many always. In this approach, we consider the Wellbeing Budget category “access and connectivity” and categorised the projects by the transport mode: car, public transport, active travel, or unknown. The result: active travel is again poorly served.

Investigating Minister Steel’s $77 million claim

Minister Steel claims that $77 million is earmarked for active travel in the ACT over the next four years but in the 2021-2022 ACT Budget we find only $20 million, leaving a large discrepancy. The Standing Committee On Planning, Transport And City Services questioned where this difference is to be found during the Inquiry into ACT Budget 2021-22.

The Chris Boardman interview – FareCity

The Chris Boardman interview by FareCity introduces cycling leadership. Something lacking in the ACT. Chris is not the first to say such things. Brent Toderian has said similar things. In a leadership void, however, cycling gets nowhere. That is why the ACT needs an Active Transport Commissioner.


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