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Kuringa Drive bike path now open

With a years delay, the Kuringa Drive cycle path is finally here. An impatient cyclist has ridden down the tape to mark the lack of any official opening. The Kuringa Drive shortens the ride from West Belconnen to West Gungahlin by many kilometres. Consider the loop ride by Kuringa Drive, Horse Park Drive, and back to Gundaroo Drive.

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Her Way: a recommendation report

Her Way is a report from Labor MLA, Dr Marisa Paterson. The report is welcome and appropriately has a photo of her on the cover sitting on a bike. The report does not really say much new about cycling that has not been said in similar reports from other Australian cities. We should celebrate though that active travel is finally thawing after a long period of stagnation.

Access and connectivity: ACT Wellbeing Budget 2021-22

Implications of the Wellbeing Framework from the 2021-2022 ACT Budget. The Wellbeing Framework is made up of twelve domains, of which “access and connectivity” is most important for active travel as it includes transport. Access and connectivity is found across most ACT Government agencies. Not everything in access and connectivity is transport related. We have gather those items that are.

Investigating Minister Steel’s $77 million claim

Minister Steel claims that $77 million is earmarked for active travel in the ACT over the next four years but in the 2021-2022 ACT Budget we find only $20 million, leaving a large discrepancy. The Standing Committee On Planning, Transport And City Services questioned where this difference is to be found during the Inquiry into ACT Budget 2021-22.


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