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An urban planning video regarding ACT and Queanbeyan. This video is not intended to bag Queanbeyan. Older urban planning designs in the ACT have the same problem. The video is a tongue in cheek style, which is refreshing for urban planning as it has the stigma of being boring.

Urban renewal

“We will have to rid ourselves from some deeply ingrown beliefs, concepts and prejudices.

1. You will have to throw overboard the prejudice that high density is in all cases a devil and low density therefore an all cases angelic.

2. You must forget the idea that it is virtuous to separate human activities from each other… The encroachment, if properly planned is exactly what creates urban interest, variety and dynamism and ease of communication. Encroachment is the salt of the earth.

3. We must throw away the old wives’ tale that a free choice must be given everywhere to everybody between using length (space) wasting private transportation and land savings public transit in highly developed urban areas.”

Victor Gruen, Urban Planner, 1964.

Canberra and urban renewal

The urgent case for cycle corridors

When we walk the halls of Planning, Transport and Legislative Assembly in the ACT today, we can be sure that none of those people we see will be there in 30 years. Community groups and councils lobby with MLAs and mandarins, who temporarily fill the roles. Building a cycle network is a long term task, requiring forward-thinking past the current political cycle. The cycle network will take 30 years to build. In that time, Canberra’s population will almost double. City builders think in decades and not years. Cycle corridors reserve the space to build that cycle network.

Urban Planning Glossary

Cities are the one of the greatest of human inventions. Urban planning is dedicated to thinking about what our cities should be and how we should build them. Urban planning is dedicated to understanding how we build them. Canberra is a young city. After 50 years, even the best suburb or town centre will become tattered. The concrete will have become cracked and town centres wrinkled. It is time to consider what comes next. This is urban renewal.

RobertsDay: bikes move seven times more people than cars

As attractive as it may be to build on a greenfield, the future of the ACT is urban renewal – taking the old and turning it into something new. In this context, we expect to hear a lot more from RobertsDay, a leading Australian urban planning firm that has penned many of Canberra’s future urban areas, including Ginninderry, Molonglo Stage 3 Project Design Brief, and the little known village in Red Hill.

Shifting baselines: a cognitive bias towards the status quo

Our memory is very short, so we quickly lose perspective of what was, and take the new as the natural order of things, as though it always was, but there is nothing normal about it. This article relates to the environment but it can be applied to our culture and seen in politics.


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