Dickson to Gungahlin bike path

Dickson to Gungahlin bike path parallel to Flemington Rd

The light rail, that represents a great step forward for public transport and city modernisation, was a step backward for the Flemington Rd bike path. It was removed and never replaced so there now a missing link past Mitchell. That the ACT Government is interested in fixing the problem and considering a new Flemington Rd bike path is good news. As with the Federal Highway there is no room for a bike path alongside the road but plenty of back streets that run parallel, away from the cars. This would be the safe and better approach. In this paper I propose one possible route that follows the Federal Highway, EPIC and Well Station Track to reach Gungahlin. A few maps are included below to illustrate the route.

Overview of the route

There is a bike path from Civic to Dickson and from there it continues north, eventually following the Federal Highway, all the way to Stirling Ave in Watson, opposite EPIC (map section A), where it stops. I would propose a ramped bridge over the Federal Highway (alternatively traverse EPIC) to connect with Old Well Station Rd. Old Well Station Rd runs straight north all the way to Harrison. For most of the distance it is just a dirt track (map section B).

The path would continue along Mapleton Ave, Harrison and continue across Flemington Rd, and along Manning Clark Cres (map section C), which bends north around Mulanggari Grassland Nature Reserve. The path could continue along the north of Mulanggari Grassland Nature Reserve. There is currently a bike path here along Camilleri Way that ends at the end of Gungahlin Place West (map section D).

After crossing the Gungahlin shopping centre (and light rail) there is a park corridor north along Gungahlin Place and Nellie Hamilton Ave, that would connect to Yerrabi Pond at Soroptimist Point. Yerrabi Pond is a hub of paths to north Gungahlin suburbs.

Throsby to Gungahlin Drive bike link

Significantly, there is an interesting intersection here with the bike route along Gungaderra Creek between Thorsby in the north, via Franklin down to the bike path on Gungahlin Drive. There are currently bike paths all the way except for a MISSING LINK between Wimmera Street and Mapleton Ave (map section B). About 400 m of bike path is required here along the creek past Mother Teresa School, Harrison and would intersect at this point the Well Station Track. There is currently a bridge crossing creek here on Well Station Track.

Maps for interesting sections of the route

Continuing the bike path from Watson, continue along Well Station Track

Section A: south end around Epic to Well Station Track
Section B: intersection Well Station Track and bike path from Throsby to Mitchell
Section C: Manning Clark Crescent and Mapleton Avenue toward Mulanggari Grassland Nature Reserve
Section D: Gungahlin end along Camilleri Way (edge of the nature reserve)

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