Comparison of maps for Canberra

The best way to find your way around Canberra is with a map, particularly when signposts are lacking. The best map for Canberra is OpenStreetMap because it includes paths (not just roads) and is up to date. Here is a comparison of the map options so you can see the differences. This test is just about the maps. How to access the maps and take them with you is for another day. Car maps are of little value for bike riders as paths are generally preferred.

Map 1: The new Suburb of Taylor (top left) in Gungahlin from OpenStreetMap with bike paths show as purple thick lines. The later screenshots are zoomed in for more detail.

I will be comparing maps here. This can be done quickly at Map Compare.

Map 2: The OpenStreetMap website can render the maps to highlight details of interest such as bike paths, which are in blue on the top map (English standard) and purple the bottom map (German standard).

Map 3: Map Compare allows you to compare four maps side-by-side and zoom and pan.

  Map 4: Bing maps from Microsoft show only roads but most of the suburb is there.

Map 5: Google maps shows less and only roads.

Map 6: OpenStreetMap can be rendered with different colours. Here are the phone apps Komoot and Thurnderforest.

Map 7: TomTom is car navigation but shows all the roads, though some are still closed off.

Map 8: Outdoor (summer) and Here WeGo compared and the source appears the same.

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