20-minute neighbourhoods

Coombs and Wright Village Design and Place Framework

I20-minute neighbourhoods are an interesting urban planning idea to decentralise the population from the city centres by making the local area more liveable.

The concept is not about travel by car. It is about active transport (walking, cycling) and the use of public transport. The goal is that this combination of modes would offer a reasonably sized catchment area in which people, jobs and services, including recreational opportunities and nature, are accessible.

People love the idea of 20-minute neighbourhoods, The Conversation, 19/2/2020 

People generally loved the thought that most (not all) of the things needed for a good life could be within a 20-minute public transport trip, bike ride or walk from home. These are things such as shopping, business services, education, community facilities, recreational and sporting resources, and some jobs (but probably not brain surgery).

Creating a city of 20-minute neighbourhoods is a key policy direction of Plan Melbourne 2017-2050. As the plan states:

The 20-minute neighbourhood is all about ‘living locally’ – giving people the ability to meet most of their everyday needs within a 20-minute walk, cycle or local public transport trip of their home.

People love the idea of 20-minute neighbourhoods, The Conversation, 19/2/2020 

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