Active travel: key documents

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Active travel and urban planning documents could be of interest. For a number of popular ones, the document has been attached for download. Some are available on the ACT Government website. All documents can be obtained via a Freedom of Information request.

The documents below are listed in alphabetical order.

  • 2017 ACT Household Travel Survey (ACT Government, 2018)
  • ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019-25 (ACT Government, 2019)
  • ACT Planning Strategy 2018 (ACT Government, 2018)
  • Active Travel Design workshop (ACT Government, 12 December 2018)
  • Active Travel Facilities Design – Municipal Infrastructure Standards 05 (MIS05) (ACT Government, April 2019)
  • Guide to Road Design Part 6A: Paths for Walking and Cycling (Austroads, 2021)
  • Integrating Safe System with Movement and Place for Vulnerable Road Users (Austroads,2020)
  • Molonglo 3 East Planning and Infrastructure Study Project Brief (ACT Government, 2 February 2020)
  • Molonglo River Reserve: Reserve Management Plan 2019 (ACT Government, 26 July 2019)
  • Molonglo Valley Plan for the Protection of Matters of National Significance: NES Plan (September 2011)
  • Molonglo Valley Stage 2 Planning and Design Framework (ACT Government, April 2012)
  • Molonglo Valley Stage 3 Planning and Design Framework (ACT Government, February 2019)
  • Moving Canberra 2019-2045: Integrated transport strategy (ACT Government, 2018)
  • Planning for Active Travel in the ACT: Active Travel Infrastructure Interim Planning Guideline (ACT Government, January 2019) (PATACT)
  • The Molonglo Valley to City Trunk Cycleway: Feasibility Sudy (ACT Government, 19 September 2014) (C10)
  • Variation of the Territory Plan No 348: Incorporating Active Living Principles into the Territory Plan (ACT Government, 27 October 2017)
  • Whitlam Stage 2 Development Application 201936061 (ACT Government, 10 September 2019)
  • Whitlam Stage 3 Development Application (ACT Government, 2021)
  • Transport Canberra Light Rail Guidelines for Light Rail Planning: 01 Corridor Preservation
  • Molonglo 3 Stage 2 Proof of Concept report (Roberts Day, March 2019) – received via FOI 10/2/2020

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