Active travel: key documents

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If you are interested in better bike paths for Canberra, active travel and urban planning, these documents could be of interest. They will be discussed in future posts on and have been mentioned in many already.

Reference list of documents worth knowing

  1. 2017 ACT Household Travel Survey (ACT Government, 2018)
  2. ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019-25 (ACT Government, 2019)
  3. ACT Planning Strategy 2018 (ACT Government, 2018)
  4. Active Travel Design workshop (ACT Government, 12 December 2018)
  5. Active Travel Facilities Design – Municipal Infrastructure Standards 05 (MIS05) (ACT Government, April 2019)
  6. Active Travel Infrastructure Practitioner Tool (online only)
  7. Building an Integrated Transport Network: Active Travel (ACT Government, May 2015) (aka. Active Travel Framework)
  8. Guide to Road Design Part 6A: Paths for Walking and Cycling (Austroads, 2017)
  9. Integrating Safe System with Movement and Place for Vulnerable Road Users (Austroads,2020)
  10. Molonglo 3 East Planning and Infrastructure Study Project Brief (ACT Government, 2 February 2020)
  11. Molonglo River Reserve: Reserve Management Plan 2019 (ACT Government, 26 July 2019)
  12. Molonglo Valley Plan for the Protection of Matters of National Significance: NES Plan (September 2011)
  13. Molonglo Valley Stage 2 Planning and Design Framework (ACT Government, April 2012)
  14. Molonglo Valley Stage 3 Planning and Design Framework (ACT Government, February 2019)
  15. Moving Canberra 2019-2045: Integrated transport strategy (ACT Government, 2018)
  16. Planning for Active Travel in the ACT: Active Travel Infrastructure Interim Planning Guideline (ACT Government, January 2019) (PATACT)
  17. The Molonglo Valley to City Trunk Cycleway: Feasibility Sudy (ACT Government, 19 September 2014) (C10)
  18. Variation of the Territory Plan No 348: Incorporating Active Living Principles into the Territory Plan (ACT Government, 27 October 2017)
  19. Whitlam Stage 2 Development Application 201936061 (ACT Government, 10 September 2019)
  20. Transport Canberra Light Rail Guidelines for Light Rail Planning: 01 Corridor Preservation
  21. Molonglo 3 Stage 2 Proof of Concept report (Roberts Day, March 2019) – received via FOI 10/2/2020


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