Whitlam: Molonglo Valley or South Belconnen?

Whitlam from the east boundary fence, The Pinnacle Offset Area, The Pinnacle, Belconnen

Whitlam is a new suburb located on the north side of the Molonglo Valley. Without a bridge over the river, it is far from the rest of the valley.

How far can you ride from Whitlam from the time of the first land release in March 2020? Belconnen is a 20-minute ride. The city is about 30 minutes away, but Coombs is also 30 minutes. It is a hard place to get out of, with no off-road bike paths beyond the first 1 km. Looking at map 1, it is clear that for active travel Whitlam is part of the Belconnen community.

So should we call it Molonglo Valley or South Belconnen?

30 minutes from Whitlam

A scalable map without labels is found here.

Map 1: 30 minute ride from Whitlam – 10 min intervals
The distance travelled with a “normal bike”Legend:
10 min journey – green
20 min journey – yellow
30 min journey – red
Map 2: Whitlam first stage release (SLA, 2020)


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