Cycling between Whitlam and south Belconnen

Whitlam from the east boundary fence, The Pinnacle Offset Area, The Pinnacle, Belconnen

This is a very short case study demonstrating the feasibility of riding to schools and shops in Belconnen from Whitlam. Another discussion of Whitlam’s proximity to Belconnen for active travel can be found here and the location of schools in the area here.

I have designed a route for the new path where the climb would be no more than 5.4%. Low gradient cycling paths are a requirement of the Austroads design standards.

Cycling routes are shown in map below and the associated distances in table below between Whitlam and selected destinations in south Belconnen, including schools.

Main Community Route (MCR) and Local Community Routes (LCR) to DESTINATIONS from Whitlam

The conclusion here is that it is feasible but clearly not without a bike path (Major Community Route). There is certainly space for it. The area on the corner of William Hovell Drive and Coulter Drive will become ovals as part of the Molonglo Stage 3 development.

The ACT Government has yet to annouce plans to build this cycle path. It is the missing link between the Molonglo Valley and Whitlam.

The ACT Government supports active travel since 2015. The active travel strategy was launched by Mick Gentleman MLA Minister for Planning in May 2015.

Message from the Minister

“Good urban planning shapes our neighbourhoods to encourage people to walk, cycle and ride for recreation and social interaction. It provides options for people to walk, cycle, ride and catch public transport to destinations such as school, work and shops. As we encourage urban renewal and develop new suburbs, we will be able to further embed active living principles into the city and lives of its residents.”

Mick Gentleman MLA Minister for Planning May 2015, Building an Integrated Transport Network: Active Travel (ACT Government, May 2015)

Distance to selected destinations in Belconnen South from Whitlam

Up the hilll to Sprinvale Drive2.9km
Weetangera Primary4.0km
Hawker shops (group centre)5.5km
Jamision shops (group centre)4.9km
Belconnen High School5.5km
Macquarie Primary4.0km
Belconnen Town Centre6.3km
National Arboretum, looking towards Whitlam
National Arboretum, looking towards Whitlam


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