Throsby, Harrison and Franklin

cycleway, Throsby, ACT, Australia

This was an enjoyable loop ride to Throsby from Belconnen. Throsby has good bike infrastructure. The route is roundabout but along good bike paths, and all major road crossings are at signal intersections.

The route is indirect as there are three large reserves between Belconnen and Throsby. Riding in these reserves is not permitted. The bike path along the creek in Franklin is excellent and stops at the edge of Harrison.

Even though Gungahlin is a new area of Canberra it demonstrates the general trend in Canberra of patchy bike infrastructure. Harrison must be traversed to reach Throsby on roads and bumpy paths. Strangely, for the whole of Harrison, bike paths were forgotten.

Belconnen Learn to Ride track, Lake Gininderra
Bike path, Girralang
Bike path, Franklin
cycleway, Throsby, ACT, Australia
Throsby bike path with Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve

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