Mount Rogers summit loop

Bike path, Lake Ginninderra, Belconnen, ACT, Australia

A short ride from Lake Ginninderra to Mount Rogers, around the summit track and back to the starting point on the lake in Belconnen. Most of the route is a bike path but the summit circuit track, that provides great views from every side of the mountain, is gravel.

The track is popular with locals walking their dogs and is mostly flat. Mount Rogers is a prominent, cone shape hill on the Belconnen plain. Looking south you will see from Belconnen town centre to the ridge line of Mount Painter, behind Cook, and The Pinnacle, Hawker. The view north is towards Gungahlin. The sides of Mount Rogers are steep even for walkers. There is an excellent path to the summit from Charnwood. The path on the east side from Belconnen is particularly steep and you may find you need to push unless you are on a mountain or ebike.

Mount Rogers looking west towards the Brindabellas
Mount Rogers, Belconnen, ACT
Gradient analysis: Gradients between +13% (east side) and -10% (south side)
Mount Rogers: Ascent and descent from east to west, approaching from Belconnen

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