Dickson Majura Gungahlin loop

Horse Park Drive, Gungahlin, from Mount Majura, Canberra Nature Park, Canberra

Majura Pines is a great destination. With a gravel bike or mountain bike, it is an easy ride from Dickson along Blue Metal Road through Mount Majura Nature Reserve. A longer route back is to follow the bike path along Majura Parkway and return via Gungahlin.

Parnorama south of Horse Park Drive, Gungahlin
S Parnorama south of Horse Park Drive, Gungahlin


This is probably the most direct route from Belconnen to Majura Pines. To keep things interesting, the return is via Majura Parkway and Horse Park Drive bike paths, which has everything going for it except for the hill. Return from Horse Park Drive past Well Station, Well Station Drive and Gungahlin Drive bike paths.


Mostly paved bike paths. From Dickson High School through Hackett there is no bike path. The section between Hackett and Majura Parkway is on gravel roads. Blue Metal Road up the hill from Hackett is of excellent quality and very pretty. You don’t need a mountain bike for this gravel section through to the Majura Parkway, it is not that steep and not that rough, but the bike will need tyres – and tyre pressure – suitable for gravel roads.

Information board at the entrance to Majura Pines
Information board at the entrance to Majura Pines


Looking out across the rolling hills to the east of Majura Pines, one would be tempted to continue to Kowen Forest, another mountain biking area. Riding around Mount Majura is generally permitted but is restricted to formed vehicle trails, except within the mountain biking area. East of Mount Majura there are areas of private property, but they are well fenced. East of Majura Parkway, from the airport in the south to the NSW border in the north, is the Majura Military Training Area. There is no direct route from here to Kowen Forest.

Top of the hill, before descending along Horse Park Drive to Gungahlin. Black Mountain can be seen in the distance. This view alone is worth the trip!


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