ACT Government Community Paths Program

The ACT Government has a Community Paths Program for active travel but only a small number are cycle paths. Of those, some have dedicated pages on the ACT Government website. Those pages are listed in this post.

The Community Paths Program should not be confused with the Fast Track COVID-19 stimulus package. Fast Track has increased the pace of path construction in the ACT.

Last updated 10/07/2020.

Belconnen Bikeway

Belconnen Bikeway, AC Government, accessed 3 June 2020
Belconnen Bikeway, AC Government, accessed 3 June 2020

Heysen Street Link

Heysen Street Link is planned to extend to Woden town centre as discussed here.

Heysen Street Link, Weston Creek

Flemington Road shared path

The Flemington Road shared path is discussed a number of times on including here.

Flemington Road shared path, Mitchell

Woden Active Travel Improvements

Early 2020 the ACT Government announced the renewal of Woden town centre discussed here.

Woden Town Centre protected on-road cycleway

The ACT Community Paths program can be found here.

Community Paths Program

We want people to choose to travel actively. Active travel improves health and wellbeing, reduces the prevalence of chronic diseases, creates accessible communities, and increases the social and economic prosperity of a community.

Each year a program of community path improvements is carried out. This includes adding new connections into the community path network and upgrading existing connections as needed.

ACT Community Paths program
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