Pedal Power ACT’s recommendations: ACT Government’s stimulus package

Paths in the forest. Information or directional signage issues. Photo by James Wheeler from

Pedal Power ACT made a submission for bike infrastructure to the ACT Budget. A reminder was sent to the ACT Government in March 2020 after the announcement of a COVID-19 stimulus package. Many of the projects in this submission would already be known to the ACT Government, as they were promised funding at the last federal election by a future Federal Labor government. Among the remainder are found promises from the last ACT election. Pedal Power ACT is notable as it has been consistently requesting the completion of the same projects. A project can be discussed for years before it is planned or built, and government commitment means little. The Kuringa Drive bike path between Barton Hwy to Kingsford Smith Dr is a good example of this.

Type of ProjectDescriptionLocation
Missing LinksSulwood Dr east-west bike path connection between Drakeford Dr and Athllon Dr. [Note: a bike path project of this nature was highlighted in the 2019 election campaign by the Federal ALP for joint funding with the ACT Government]Kambah / Wanniassa
Crossing UpgradesSulwood Dr & Athllon Dr roundabout – develop a safer crossing arrangement on this major north/south bike path into/out of Tuggeranong (location also borders Brindabella electorate).Kambah / Wanniassa
Missing LinksImprove linkages between main paths and town/group centres:(for example, the new separated bike path in front of the Woden Hellenic Club does not connect to Woden Town Centre. The path terminates at Bowes St pedestrian crossing with no signage or path markings to indicate how to continue riding or walking to the Woden Town Centre).Woden / Cooleman Crt
Crossing UpgradesThe main north-south path where it crosses Theodore St at Melrose Dr.Curtin
Separation ProjectsYarra Glen and Adelaide Ave: construct separated cycleways within the road/rail corridor (undertake early planning for active travel arrangements in the context of Light Rail Stage 2 – Civic to Woden).Civic to Woden
Missing LinksBelconnen Bikeway: complete Hayden Dr works as originally planned with connection via Battye St to trunk path behind AIS stadium. And a link to Bruce from College St. [Note: a project of this nature was highlighted in the 2019 election campaign by the Federal ALP for joint funding with the ACT Government]East Belconnen
Missing LinksBenjamin Way Bikeway: funding has only been provided for design work. A financial commitment is required for the construction phase.Belconnen
Missing LinksKuringa Drive Belconnen – completion of works to deliver an off-road path between Barton Hwy and Owen Dixon Drive.Belconnen
Path UpgradesSullivans Creek to Barry Dr crossing at Marcus Clarke St: upgrade the path and improve the crossing to allow more room for bikes.Civic
Path UpgradesSullivans Creek Path: complete the path widening not undertaken during the recent upgrade.Inner North, Civic
Separation ProjectsWalker/cyclist separation project along McCaughey St between Masson St and Barry Drive. [This project was highlighted in the 2019 election campaign by the Federal ALP for joint funding with the ACT Government.]Turner
Missing LinksImprove connectivity to and around the Tuggeranong Town Centre- including establish connections to Anketell Street bike path at the southern end.Tuggeranong
Crossing UpgradesImprove crossing arrangement on the main north-south path at the Athllon Dr / Sulwood Dr roundabout (also borders the Murrumbidgee electorate)Kambah / Wanniassa
Missing LinksConstruct cycling links to get into and around the Gungahlin Town Centre. The town centre’s existing cycling infrastructure is poor.Gungahlin
Ian Ross, CEO, Pedal Power ACT


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