Missing link: filling the gaps in bike networks

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Missing links is a term that describes gaps in the cycling network, and those gaps can be quite short. Adding another 100 m of missing path, connecting two other bike paths, makes a network. Without this short link, a cyclist may need to ride a much greater distance.

Filling the gap and building a cycle path to form a network does not need to be expensive, and it is very worthwhile. The value of fixing the missing link far exceeds the construction costs as it makes the whole path network more attractive to cyclists.

At the 2016 ACT Election, ACT Labor promised several missing links.

  1. the Belconnen Bikeway
  2. the Heysen Street Link bike path and
  3. the Kuringa Drive bike path.

A bike network is more than the sum of its parts. Small gaps can greatly decrease the popularity of the route.

Belconnen Bikeway (C3)

Update 6 February 2021 Belconnen Bikeway

The construction along Emu Bank is completed. However, the construction of the section promised at the 2016 ACT Election along Benjamin Way has not yet begun.

  • Status update 11 October 2020: under construction.
  • Opened: 1.6 km from Florey to Westfield and 0.5km between Kirinari Street and Cooinda Street along College Street. In total 2.1 km is opened from 4.7 km complete length.
  • Visual appearance: Mostly paved and marked but fenced off for most of its length. Only two short sections are open.
  • Scope: Benjamin Way was promised and now has been removed from the project. It may be in planning but there is no evidence of this.

The ACT Government has begun with the construction of the Belconnen Bikeway and discuss here in more detail.

Heysen Street Link

Heysen Street shortens the ride from the new suburbs in Molonglo Valley / Weston Creek and Woden Valley. The road was of a “rural road standard” and a death trap for cyclists.

Heysen Street Link benefited from the 2020 Fast Track program. Heysen Street Link was slow to move forward but now planned all the way to Woden.

Heysen Street update 22 July 2021: stage 1 and 2 of the project have been completed. The remaining stage along Devonport Street has not begun.

Weston to Lyons along Heysen Street

Construction in 3 stages

The funding comes from different pots but should produce a route from Weston to Woden Town Centre.

Heysen Street Link, ACT Government, 12/10/2020

Stage One – status 26 February 2021 completed

  • Type: off-road shared path
  • Where: from the intersection of Devonport Street and Derwent Street, through the Oakey Hill Nature Reserve, along Heysen Street, ending at its intersection with Hilder Street.
  • Construction: August 2020 to late 2020
  • Funding: ACT Government $1.2 million
Heysen Street, Weston,Weston Creek
Heysen Street, Weston,Weston Creek

Stage Two – status 26 February 2021 completed

  • Type: off-road shared path
  • Where: from the underpass near the Lyons shops, along Launceston Street to Burnie Street.
  • Construction: late 2020 to early 2021
  • Funding: ACT Government’s Fast Track Program.
Launceston Street, Lyons. Woden Valley
Bike path along Launceston Street, Lyons. Woden Valley

Stage Three

Heysen Street Link, ACT Government, 12/10/2020

Kuringa Drive

Update 16 July 2021 Kuringa Drive intersection

The signalisation of Kuringa Drive and Owen Dixon Drive has been completed. The works crew has packed up and left. Unfortunately, the bike path along Kuringa Drive has yet to be completed. Hopefully, it will be finished soon.

Upgrading an intersection on Owen Dixon Drive – 2020-21 ACT Budget Outlook

 2020-21 $’0002021-22 $’0002022-23 $’0002023-24 $’000Total $’000
Net cost of services00233433666
2020-21 ACT Budget Outlook

The Government will further improve the north-south arterial road, between the Barton Highway and Ginninderra Drive by including a signalised intersection at Owen Dixon Drive.

  • Status update 11 October 2020: in planning.
  • Opened: The construction is yet to start.
  • Visual appearance: Apart from a sign announcing the project nothing has changed.
  • Scope: The signalisation of the intersection is paid for in part by the Federal Government and will make the intersection safer. Apart from that nothing has changed from the original proposal. The signalisation of the intersection does not in any way increase the length of the bike path. It will not connect at Dixon Drive to other bike paths.

Kuringa Drive off-road bike path between Barton Highway in the north and Kingsford Smith Drive in the south is coming but still in planning. It provides an important connection between the western suburbs of Belconnen and Gungahlin. Kuringa Drive crosses CSIRO Commonwealth land. The development of this land was blocked by the ACT Government. 

Kuringa Drive between Barton Hwy to Kingsford Smith Dr

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