Belconnen Bikeway: finished in part

Main Community Route (MCR), Belconnen Bikeway, Belconnen, Canberra

The construction of the Belconnen Bikeway started last year and some progress has been made. The separated bike and pedestrian paths along the old bus road are finished but not open. Construction has started on Emu Bank. The section through the University of Canberra is largely finished.

Update 6 February 2021 Belconnen Bikeway

The construction along Emu Bank was completed just before the Christmas 2020. However, the construction of the section promised at the 2016 ACT Election along Benjamin Way has not yet begun.

Belconnen Bikeway, AC Government, accessed 3 June 2020
Belconnen Bikeway, ACT Government, accessed 3 June 2020

One section of the Belconnen Bikeway along Benjamin Way is still in doubt. The CBR Cycle Route C5 from Aranda along Benjamin Way will join at Emu Bank (see last photo below).

ACT Labor 2016 Election Belconnen Bikeway

The ACT Government has a dedicated project page for the Belconnen Bikeway. The Belconnen Bikeway is an important missing link and one of ACT Labor’s election promises from 2016.

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