The best bike for Canberra

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We have many cycling possibilities living in Canberra, and the bike shops cater to it with a large range of bikes. What type of bike would you recommend to a friend? Leave your opinion and why.

Photo by Vinayak Varlikar on
Photo by Vinayak Varlikar on

What is cycling?

I love Canberra and cycling. It has always been about enjoying the experience, and not about competing. Cycling is normal and a lifestyle, which means to ride when and wherever possible.

For me cycling is both recreation and riding to work. I have commuted 15km to work for many years, rode home from a night out and would spend the weekends riding in the surrounding hills, on and off, with and without kids.

Living in Canberra and cycling what is possible, both paved and unpaved, I have discovered the limitations of Canberra’s infrastructure. drives the idea that the infrastructure can be better. Having said that, we should make the best of what’s on offer. There is tenfold more cycling going on in some European countries. Canberra has a huge potential for growth.

Photo by Philipp M on
Photo by Philipp M on

A thought

If I could own only one bike what would it be? This is not a simple question and cost may be, but ideally should not the most important factor, considering the cost of a motor vehicle (and some households have many). If used frequently, one good bike might be worth the price.

The ideal bike has to be suitable for the way Canberra is now. Canberra’s bike infrastructure is not going to get better fast or soon. The infrastructure is bumpy, fragmented, inconsistent, and sometimes unsafe. As a cyclist, you cannot know if the path continues around the corner. Just because I rode it yesterday does not mean it is not blocked by an obstacle today. The route is not lit and used by dogs and pedestrians, so bring lights. For a cyclist, the shortest distance between two points it the best route.

Photo by Markus Spiske on
Photo by Markus Spiske on

The winner is…

If I could only own one bike, it would be a mountain bike. These bikes cope with anything Canberra can throw at them, and have the gears to get up those hills. They are as tough as nails and not much slower than city bikes. There is a much larger selection of direct routes that can be ridden with a mountain bike. For recreation, a mountain bike is ideal. Canberra is a dry place, so the weather is not an issue.

One bike will never tick all the boxes but a mountain bike will get you about most of the time.

Photo by Thorn Yang on
Disclaimer: an example of a mountain bike. Bike shops can help you with purchase decision. Photo by Thorn Yang on

What bike would you choose?

Please leave a comment here or on Facebook.

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