Views of/from Mount Rob Roy from a bushwalker

Photo by Nina Uhlíková on

It appears that mountain bikers like those fast flowing descents far too much to bother to stop and take photos. Lucky bushwalkers do take the time and a few photos along the way. 🙂

It turns out that some of the rides that will recommend are also popular bushwalking areas. A good example is Mount Rob Roy, where the loop route I recommended is also a popular bushwalk. Australian Hiker has an excellent review of this walk and shows nicely the reasons for going there. 

From the photos, the management tracks are of surprisingly good quality and the steepest section past the water tank is asphalted. There is a locked and chained gate at the bottom of the reserve that will require a little muscle to lift the bike over it. One of the later gates is of the “open me” type with just a hooked chain. This is typical for Canberra Nature Park where all the gates to a public road are chained to keep cars out. Bicycle gates are found along some bike paths in Canberra and should be a standard feature of all Canberra Nature Park reserves on management trails where the gate needs to be locked. 

Rob Roy-via Big Monks Summit Track ACT (10.4km) by Australian Hiker

Cycle barrier barrier. Photo OpenStreetMap
Cycle barrier. Photo OpenStreetMap

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