Strategic Fast Track and CBR Cycle Routes

Andrew Barr announced last week (11/6/2020) a “$25 million program” including “$8 million being allocated to new (Fast Track) projects”. thought it worthwhile listing here the strategic path projects from the official Fast Track website. 

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What is strategic?

A strategic path project conforms to the ACT Government’s own active travel infrastructure standards. The most obvious change from the old way of building things is path width. With many more people using the paths they need to be wider. Width is a strategic factor. The minimum retrofit path width is 2.5 m.

The list of Fast Track projects has been shortened to those with at least a minimum retrofit path width. Paths 2.5 m or wider are included in the list. This list will be updated periodically.

Strategic Fast Track

The Strategic Fast Track projects.


  • None

Woden, Weston Creek & Molonglo

  • A new 700 m long and 2.5 m wide asphalt path on Cotter Road between Streeton Drive and the John Gorton Drive/Cotter Road intersection in Holder.


  • A new 820m long and 2.5m wide asphalt path alongside Drakeford Drive between the underpass adjacent to Singleton Crescent to the intersection of Erindale Drive and Soward Way in Oxley.


  • A new 508 m long and 2.5 m wide asphalt cycle path in the open space from the Nudurr Drive/Grampians Street intersection in Crace to the existing Palmerston cycle path that runs between the houses to Kosciuszko Avenue in Palmerston.
  • A new 280 m long and 2.5 m wide concrete footpath in the open space adjacent to Gungahlin Drive, along the floodway from the back of Dooland Court down to Lexcen Avenue in Nicholls.

Central Canberra

  • A new 130 m long and 3.5 m wide concrete path in the open space adjacent to Hovea Street, linking Boronia Drive and MacArthur Avenue in O’Connor.
  • A new 200 m long and 2.5 m wide asphalt path on the north-western side of the open space in Jandura Park between Boronia Drive and Wattle Street in O’Connor.

What the ACT Government says about Fast Track

“Delivering jobs and supporting local business during COVID-19

The ACT Government is fast tracking infrastructure projects to deliver jobs and support local business. The program focuses on work that can start immediately and supports local jobs, businesses and our Canberra community. The projects include infrastructure and maintenance work on government-owned community buildings, schools and other facilities across the city. The $35 million program will support the ACT economy and provide Canberrans with better infrastructure and services long into the future.”

ACT Government Fast Track, accessed 16/6/2020

Problems with narrow paths

A 2m path is barely wide enough for two bikes to pass without pedestrian use. It’s especially tricky for mountain bikes with wide handlebars. As we all know, these are getting more popular in Canberra to make up for the rough path surfaces, and to be able to cope with the gaps in the paths network. The 1.5m paths (some 1m) found in older suburbs are plain inadequate. Two bikes cannot pass on these without one going on the grass. Sharing a narrow path with a pedestrian – especially when elderly – is problematic. This makes them of little use for the commuting cyclist.

What makes a good path?

Read what is or makes good cycling infrastructure.

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