The rise of the play space

Sutherland Crescent Central Community Playground, Taylor

Play Spaces, the large playgrounds that are so loved, are becoming more common. They are a great destination for a ride. The ACT Government is investing millions in them as part of urban renewal. Where did this idea come from?

The play space means bigger and better playgrounds. recently published several articles on riding with the kids to a play spaces in Denman Prospect, Moncrieff and Taylor. They are great but I hope we will still have local playgrounds. The play spaces are still few and far apart. The 2018 report suggests that most welcome the idea.

Read more: Report urges bigger, more challenging playgrounds with shade and facilities.

“Canberra’s playgrounds should have more shade, and more challenging and diverse forms of play, according to a new report from the University of Canberra…
The report also found that people would like more and better facilities at or near playgrounds, including toilets, seating, barbecues and rubbish bins. Many people also requested greater access to drinking water – taps and bubblers…
The report said local/district playgrounds that appear in the top 10 were comparatively larger-scale playgrounds with multiple and/or interesting play equipment…
Coordinator of the Play, Creativity and Wellbeing team Dr Cathy Hope said the unexpectedly high response to survey questions from people in the ACT and regions was a clear indication of the importance of playgrounds.”

Report urges bigger, more challenging playgrounds with shade and facilities. Ian Bushnell, The RiotACT, 8 August 2018 12, accessed 25 June 2020
Photo by cottonbro on
Photo by cottonbro on

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