ACT Labor: Better bike paths, please!

ACT Government electric bike

As you know, 2020 is an election year and there is less than 100 days before the election. Get the candidates to commit to cycling infrastructure where you live.

ACT Labor’s previous commitments represent the minimum investment.

Tara Cheyne is the local MLA for Belconnen has opened a survey for those living in Belconnen. Feel welcome to respond to it or contact your local candidates. I am sure you have similar issues in your electorate to those mentioned below.

The survey is weak on the cycling agenda as illustrated in the second question where the word “cycling” or anything related is never mentioned.

Question 2: Which of these would make a big difference to you, your family or where you live?

Here is my answer to the question under “other.”

“Better bike infrastructure including resurfacing the Aranda hill bike path and the funding and completion of the bike path along Benjamin Way. The Benjamin Way bike path was promised in 2016 as part of the Belco Bikeway project but is as yet unfunded and ACT Labor has not stated when it will be built.”

Answer 29/6/2020

Question 3 request further clarification to question 2.

Question 3: Is there any more detail you can provide about the answers you selected in question 2?


“The answer in question 2 above only covers the backlog of work from the ACT Labor’s last election commitments, now four years ago. Part of the COVID-19 investment should be building a good bike path along Coulter Drive to connect the Belconnen Bikeway with the Molonglo Valley development. A direct north-south route between Belconnen and Molonglo Valley is currently not planned. Belconnen and Molonglo Valley are only 10km away but the distance riding to Wright is twice that via Glenloch interchange. The Aranda hill path is the only off-road path but has not had any maintenance in a decade, and this is generally indicative of any regular maintenance program for bike paths across the ACT.”

Answer 29/6/2020

Next question of the survey

Question 4: Are there any other issues important to you which you’d like to raise with me?


“ACT Labour promised cycling infrastructure at the last election that it has not yet started to build, let alone complete. This calls into question whether ACT Labor can be trusted to deliver in a timely way on its cycling infrastructure commitments. ACT Labor previous commitments represent the minimum investment. Far more investment is required in Canberra for active travel and good cycling infrastructure.”

Answer 29/6/2020
Safety and hazards on CBR Cycle Route C5, Aranda bike path, Belconnen, Canberra
Lack of maintenance. Safety and hazards on CBR Cycle Route C5, Aranda bike path, Belconnen, Canberra

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