Kuringa Drive missing link

Photo by Simon Simberg on Pexels.com

Tara Cheyne MLA, the Member for Ginninderra for ACT Labor, has sent canberra.bike two emails in the last month regarding the Kuringa Drive missing link, Belconnen. Quotes from her email and more information about Kuringa Drive are found below.

This is an update to Canberra.bike article on missing links. The original article has been revised.

Update 9 April 2021 Kuringa Drive

The work on the upgrade of the Kuringa Drive and Owen Dixon Drive intersection has begun. Expect delays. The works include a bike path along Kuringa Drive. 🙂

Update 6 February 2021 Kuringa Drive

The sign announcing the project remains since the ACT Election but the construction work has not yet begun.

Upgrading an intersection on Owen Dixon Drive – 2020-21 ACT Budget Outlook

 2020-21 $’0002021-22 $’0002022-23 $’0002023-24 $’000Total $’000
Net cost of services00233433666
2020-21 ACT Budget Outlook

The Government will further improve the north-south arterial road, between the Barton Highway and Ginninderra Drive by including a signalised intersection at Owen Dixon Drive.

Updates on Kuringa Drive

Information from Tara Cheyne MLA, Member for Ginninderra.

There will be on road cycle lanes on all approaches to the upgraded intersection of Kuringa Drive and Owen Dixon Drive. Additionally, there will be a 3m wide shared path on the northern side of Kuringa Drive, from the intersection with Owen Dixon Drive to the Barton Highway.

Tara Cheyne MLA, Member for Ginninderra, ACT Labor, email 1 July 2020

Regarding the intersection of Owen Dixon Drive with Kuringa Drive, detailed design work for this intersection is underway. We expect to release the final designs in August ahead of constructing commencing in the final quarter of this year

Tara Cheyne MLA, Member for Ginninderra, ACT Labor, email 29 May 2020

What are missing links?

Missing links is a term that describes gaps in the cycling network, and those gaps can be quite short. An example would be a 100 m of missing path that would connect two good bike paths. Without this short link the cyclist may need to ride a great distance.

Filling the gap and building a cycling path to form a network does not need to be expensive and it is very worthwhile. The value of fixing the missing link far exceeds the construction costs as it makes the whole path network more attractive to cyclists.

Missing link, canberra.bike

Kuringa Drive

Kuringa Drive between Barton Highway to Kingsford Smith Drive is an important connection between the western end of Belconnen and Gungahlin. Kuringa Drive crosses CSIRO land that belongs to the Commonwealth. The CSIRO wanted to develop it but the ACT Government objected. Kuringa Drive may be duplicated one day.

Kuringa Drive between Barton Hwy to Kingsford Smith Dr
Photo by bongkarn thanyakij on Pexels.com
Photo by bongkarn thanyakij on Pexels.com


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