Cycling Computers: 99 Bikes

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A full range of Cycling computers was on sale at 99 Bikes in July 2020. It provided an overview of the range and pricing. Prices range from $26 to $900. You get what you pay for. Navigation with maps starts around $400. Colour screens with maps are better than black and white screens.

While this article refers to the 99 Bikes sale, Pushys had a better deal on the Garmin Edge 530 GPS Bike Computer that was discounted to $399 on 20/7/2020 ($100 off RRP). It is always worth checking the larger retailers in Canberra as they are competitive.

Garmin has renewed its product line in 2020. The refreshed models are the 1030 Plus, 830, and 530 Plus. Garmin now has a new model, the 130 Plus without maps, that should not be confused with the most expensive 1030 Plus. The 530 Plus has most of the features of the 830. The 1030 Plus and 830 have a touch screen.

Garmin Australia website
Garmin Australia website, RRP pricing, Garmin products are expensive

The old Garmin models are now discounted for clearance. The old models are good for road cycling, as traditionally cycling computers have put a lot of emphasis on cardiovascular fitness.  

The big shift in 2020 is to mountain biking. The new Garmin models have a slightly better hardware specification but most importantly a much improved software that has new features targeting mountain biking. Navigation also traditionally preferred paved surfaces. The trend now is for different navigation modes, as mountain bikers want to ride on dirt.

The trend to singletrack and gravel navigation can also be found in the Komoot and Strava apps. Komoot is again ahead for mountain biking. Strava has introduced a new pricing model, which makes it very poor value for money. Komoot offers in-app navigation for free and includes OpenStreetMap.

If you are a commuting or recreational cyclist, mounting the navigation on the handlebar is better than a watch on the wrist.

More information and pricing can be found here.

Garmin cycling GPS with Komoot app shown
Garmin cycling GPS with Komoot app shown


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