Epic Gravel Trail: CyclingGravel

CyclingGravel has recently published a commentary about the Canberra Centenary Trail. As canberra.bike has noted the environment and the quality and type of the trail vary a lot. The Canberra Centenary Trail was designed to showcase all that is good about Canberra. Canberra Centenary Trail tries to make everybody happy and that is its weakness.

What sort of cyclist are you?

It is difficult to know what bike to leave home with. If you leave the house on your “road” bike you want paved paths, with a gravel bike you want gravel management trails, and with a mountain bike singletrack. The reality of riding the Canberra Centenary Trail is you are likely to experience all of this within a relatively short distance. You can play it safe and take a dual-suspension mountain bike, and you are good for anything that Canberra can throw at you.

CyclingGravel has thought about this and tries to suggest routes for gravel bikes. This makes sense as CORC covers the mountain bikers and Canberra Cycling Club the road cyclist quite nicely. But who looks after the cycling commuter?

Here is the link to “CyclingGravel’s Epic Canberra Gravel Trail“.

Black Mountain in the distance. Oakey Hill Nature Reserve, Canberra Nature Park.

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