Illegal parking in cycle lanes

Parked on an on-road bike lane, Higgins dual carriageway roundabout, Kingsford Smith Drive, between the suburbs of Higgins, Hawker and Scullin, Belconnen, Canberra

It is not just about safety but respect for other road users.

A roundabout in Higgins. The dual-lane carriageway gets a lot of traffic, so the cyclist rides off the road before the roundabout and back on afterwards. Ramps and a bike path are provided for this purpose.

It only works though if cars do not park on the bike lane. Plenty of room here to park somewhere else. Unfortunately, this problem is not uncommon.

The Australian Road Rule 153 defines a cycling lane. It is illegal to park in a bike lane. The bike lane is identified by the road marking of a bike. Easy it would seem, but not so for many motorists in the practice.

Here is how the Netherlands deals with it.

“In other countries cycle lanes are treated quite differently than in the Netherlands. Parking in the cycle lane is not done in the Netherlands. If you park your car in a cycle lane it will be towed away at a hefty cost in fines and tow costs.”

Cycle lanes in the Netherlands, BicycleDutch, 12 August 2020

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