Pipeline Road loop: CyclingGravel

After Piccadilly Circus, it is worth looking at Pipeline Road. This gravel road is a legend in Canberra and CyclingGravel has provided an excellent review of riding in the area.

CyclingGravel review of Piccadilly Circus & Pipeline Road loop.

“Pipeline Road is undulating – some sharp steep climbs and descents. Broadly, the road runs along the side of the valley, and you are rewarded with some excellent views down to the river and across the valley as you go. Overall I found the ride from the Cotter River crossing until the gate at the end to be the most challenging part of the day. Pipeline Road meets a gated intersection with 9 Mile Track and Hardys Trail – you will need to lift your bike over the fence or gate at this point. You are rewarded, though, with an amazing view before the steep descent down into the valley.”

Piccadilly Circus & Pipeline Road loop, CyclingGravel, 17 May 2020, accessed 24/8/2020
Bullen Range Road, Paddys River, Cotter, ACT, Australia
Cotter behind Bullen Range Road, Paddys River


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