ACT Election: The Conservation Council

ACT Election Priorities 2020, The Conservation Council: the election policies in the lead-up to the 2020 ACT Election are on the website “ACT Election 2020 – Our Environment, Our Future“. They are less detailed than last time but follow the same line. Here is the cycling component. 

“Canberrans traverse the city daily for social, recreational, household and employment activities. Transport emissions contribute 60% to the ACT’s direct greenhouse emissions, primarily through the use of petrol and diesel vehicles. Our transport choices have a significant impact on our environment, the liveability of our city, and our productivity, health and wellbeing. We need to build a strong public transport network and enable active transport as a viable and attractive option for commuters, reduce emissions from use of cars, and transition to an electrified transport system, which can run on 100% renewable energy.”

Sustainable transport, ACT Election Priorities 2020, The Conservation Council

04. Fund a network of separated cycleways across the city via an expanded annual capital works budget for new active travel infrastructure of at least $30m by 2022.

05. Fund an increase in the recurring annual maintenance budget for active travel infrastructure from $5m to at least $12m by 2023, with an additional $14m over 4 years to address the maintenance backlog.

06. Extend funding for the Slower Streets program that implements design changes in consultation with local residents that calm suburban streets.

07. Invest at least $4m per year towards community engagement programs that support and incentivise people to make sustainable transport choices.

08. Offer incentives to purchase electric bikes.

Sustainable transport, ACT Election Priorities 2020, The Conservation Council

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