Ride or Walk to School: Transport Canberra

A school curriculum program from the ACT Government. The website has material to download for teachers and students. A link provides further information for parents and families.

A health initiative in ACT schools.

“Ride or Walk to School provides ACT schools with access to Australian curriculum aligned resources to teach safe cycling, teacher training and parental engagement materials to help the whole school community embrace riding and walking to school.”

More here.

“This online resource has tips and information to get families riding and walking to school.”

More here.

The video is from the Bicycle Network.

The online training is not suitable for phones. The ACT Government website is old and klunky, and notorious for dead links. The ACT website is certainly not written for primary school children. An age appropriate app would be better. The ACT Government can have a good intentions but the IT systems are often out of the noughties. They smell dusty.

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