Ride or Walk to School: Physical Activity Foundation

The Physical Activity Foundation runs the ACT ride to school program. Schools are not resourced for this sort of thing. Bikes, for example, are not something schools would own. Clearly, a child can only learn to ride on a bike. Not every family may be able to afford the bike. Schools hire instruments but not bikes. Here is how it is done.

“In the 1970’s 80% of all school children rode or walked to school but now more than two-thirds go by car. “

“The Physical Activity Foundation is a registered Health Promotion Charity based in the ACT and our goal is to reduce the incidence of sedentary lifestyle diseases in children.”

About Us, Physical Activity Foundation

Evatt Primary School, Ride or Walk to School, Physical Activity Foundation

“The Ride or Walk to School program is designed to drive culture change within the school community to once again, make riding and walking to school the norm for our kids.”

Ride or Walk to School, Physical Activity Foundation

The program

The program is designed for schools.

“The program includes:

– Free access to a set of hire bikes for 5 weeks
– Free access to the Australian Curriculum aligned online Safe Cycle classroom program for students to learn about bike safety and skills
– Resources and support to run four active travel events in your school each year
– Personalised maps to show the best route to your school (see below)
– Support from a dedicated program manager.

It is easy to sign up! All you need to get started is approval from your school’s Principal and by nominating a teacher coordinator at your school.”

Ride or Walk to School, Physical Activity Foundation

Personalised maps

Part of the program is getting kids to plan how they get to school. “Part-way drop-off” is park and ride for kids. So many kids do not go to school locally that for some driving may be necessary. The”best” school always seems to be far away from home. This is particularly true for private schools.

“Schools who are engaged in the program receive a tailored digital walking and riding map showing safe routes and part-way drop-off points.”

Ride or Walk to School, Physical Activity Foundation

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