Pedal Power’s ACT Election 2020 survey

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Pedal Power ACT often do good things and here is one example. Before every election, they prompt the parties to take a stance on cycling. Something they could do better is put this sort of information up on their website. Here are the links from the email they sent out today.

“We asked parties to respond by 4 September. We can now share with you their responses. Some parties – ACT Labor, Canberra Liberals and ACT Greens – are yet to announce their active travel policy detail. We’ve based our summary of survey responses on the information provided through the survey, but we will update all our members on the major parties’ policies as they are announced.”

2020 ACT Election – Responses from Parties on Pedal Power Asks, email, Pedal Power ACT, 11/9/2020

The links

The summary of responses is for most people the most useful but Pedal Power ACT provided links to the full responses too.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

The questions

  • Will your party support a comprehensive condition assessment of the entire ACT path network, and rolling proactive maintenance?
  • Will your party commit to supporting a rapid, separated cycling corridor between Woden and the city?
  • Will your party support an increase in the capital budget for active travel to enable further development of Canberra’s path network, including improved connections, reduced path congestion, and upgrades to unsafe intersections?
  • Will your party support legislating specific targets to increase cycle commuting during the term of the next government?
  • How will your party fund or support promotion and incentivisation of commuting by bike?
  • Will your party support ongoing funding for a program of education and enforcement of minimum passing distance laws?
  • Will your party develop/support a program of works for ACT country roads, based on an assessment of risk, to improve rider safety?
  • How will your party develop or support initiatives to increase the number of cycling visitors and their length of stay in Canberra?
  • Will your party support implementation of the Stromlo Forest Park Master Plan?

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on
Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on


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