Woden light rail could cost $1.9 billion: ACT Budget

The light rail from Civic to Woden has been slowed by the approval process. Central business district projects are always expensive, and this one is no exception. The provisions in the budget have been set at $1.9 billion. Few would claim this is not a big number for the ACT.

Light rail continues to be a challenge for the ACT Government.

“These provisions reflect previous government policy announcements, such as Stage 2A and 2B of the light rail.”

“In the update, it predicts the total cost of the light rail project could be up to $1.9 billion in total.”

Light rail to Woden could cost about $1.9 billion“, Canberra CityNews, 14/9/2020

Canberra.bike supports public transport. We do bikes – and public transport is part of the active travel mix. We support that wherever the light rail goes, a separated bike path belongs alongside it. This is true for road duplications, too.

Recent analysis would suggest that almost $1 billion in road duplications and upgrades are currently planned. It would not be hard to tally another $1 billion spent on this sort of thing over the last decade. The Majura Parkway was $288 million alone.

The Woden light rail will take a decade or two to complete. Stage 2A is scheduled for completion by 2025. Stage 2B still does not have approval.

Considering that road duplications are a Ponzi scheme (we cannot build our way out of congestion), light rail and public transport is an alternative in the long term. Getting through the next decade though could prove politically challenging.

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