ACT Greens email: Kickstarting the Cycling Revolution

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Email from Emma Davidson, ACT Greens Active Travel and Transport Spokesperson, Candidate for Murrumbidgee regarding active travel.

The email is in full below.

Kickstarting the Cycling Revolution

Canberrans love walking and riding around our city. 

Our walking and cycling network is heavily used and growing in popularity, along with a surge in bike sales since COVID-19.

However the network is full of gaps, leading many neighbourhoods to miss out, and many Canberrans to drive when they would rather walk or ride. 

The ACT Greens are committed to creating a sustainable, connected city, replacing the congestion of the 20th Century with a green, active 21st Century city. 

That’s why we are committed to building a walking and cycling network that gives everyone the option to walk or ride in comfort, no matter where they live or how far they need to go.

That’s why we mapped the current network, and included the wishlist items from peak cycling organisation, Pedal Power.  

We then asked the community for feedback on where the gaps in our network are, receiving more than 100 submissions.  

This once again show the value of giving the community a say in the future of their neighbourhood. Now, we have a roadmap to kickstart a cycling revolution.

I am proud to tell you that over the next four years, the Greens will:

  • Build seven large-scale cycling corridors
  • Make over 100 small upgrades to connect the gaps in our existing walking and cycling network, based on extensive community feedback
  • Allocate a minimum 20% of the roads and parking capital upgrade budget to walking and cycling infrastructure (with a minimum $20 million per year)

The full details of the package can be found here, and our map of Canberra’s cycling revolution can be found here.If you would like to make further suggestions, do so via this page.  In kindness, Emma

Emma Davidson
ACT Greens Active Travel and Transport Spokesperson
Candidate for Murrumbidgee

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