Cycling infrastructure score: measuring progress

For the comparison of projects, we have developed a standardised scorecard. Over the years, it is easy to lose track of what is new, as the same projects get announced at media events again and again. The scorecard will permit a graphical representation of the delivery of cycling projects over time for multiple projects.

Some projects are ancient but announced as though they were new. A good example is the Stromlo Leisure Centre that has been discussed since 2012 and was opened in 2020.

Promised but still missing

Because one would like to see a lot of these projects, it is helpful to have some way to measure their progress. Projects are scored by awarding stars: up to three (3) for status, up to three (3) for scope, and % complete (one star for every 20% complete).

The first row of the table is always the header. The “columns header and values” table shows which values can appear in the columns for each project of the “stand of projects” table.

The “stands of projects” table list each of the projects on the left and the stand of the projects for “status”, “scope” and “completed”.

  • “status”: the project cyclist through the states – promised, in planning, under construction and completed.
  • “scope”: the project can be cancelled, reduced in scope from that promise, the scope can remain unchanged or the scope may increase to join other areas not originally promised.
  • “% complete”: is estimate of how much of the work has been done. 20% – fenced off and ready to begin. 40% compacted road base. 60% asphalt laid, 80% signs and markings. 100% All fences removed and officially open for use.

Column headers and values

deliveryno stars******
statuspromisedin planningunder constructioncompleted
scopecancelledreducedunchanged increased
The possible values for each of the attributes in the left column.

Project progress

Belconnen Bikeway2016under constructionreducedno
Heysen Street2016under constructionincreasedno
Kuringa Drive2016in planningunchangedno
How far the ACT Labor has got in four years.


promisedstatusscope% complete% total
Belconnen Bikeway*******70
Heysen Street*******70
Kuringa Drive***30
Maximum score is 10 stars

Interpretation of the scores

Belconnen Bikeway (80% complete) and Heysen Street Link (40% complete) have the same score which may seem odd as the Belconnen Bikeway is much more advanced.

  • The ambition of the Heysen Street Link has made a difference, with two further stages being added to extend the bike path to Woden Town Centre.
  • For Belconnen Bikeway the opposite has occurred. The scope of the project has actually shrunk.

Both were promised long ago and we have been waiting for a long time. In that aspect the projects are similar.

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