25 highest peaks in the ACT

Mount Rob Roy (1099m), Tharwa Drive, Lanyon Homestead, ACT

The ACT has big mountains, by Australian standards, but none of them are in Canberra. Reading the article “Hill climbs of interest in the suburbs”, it is worth remembering that Canberra was built where it is because it is so flat.

The biggest climb in the suburbs is hard to say. It depends on how we define a suburb. Here are two candidates: Mount Tennent for walking and Mount Rob Roy for a mountain bike.

Mount Tennent

Tharwa is still Canberra and very close to Mount Tennent, on the edge of the Brindabella Range. The track up the mountain can only be walked from the Namadgi Visitors Centre. There is a 765 m ascend over 6.5 km, which exceeds a 10% average gradient, and a maximum of 25%.

Mount Rob Roy

Mount Rob Roy (1099m) is a prominent peak. The ride up Mount Rob Roy starts at Banks. The review of the ride can be read here.

“Mount Rob Roy can be approached from Banks via the Banks Steep Track and Rob Roy Link Track management trail. Rob Roy Link Track is the shortest way to the peak (4.4km). There is a longer way up via Rob Roy Eco Track with a steep section that is slightly longer too. On the way consider visiting the hill west off Banks Steep Track. The loop ride is 10km long.”

Mount Rob Roy: alone but not forgotten, canberra.bike, 7/6/2020

The biggest peaks in the ACT

The peaks are mostly on the Brindabella Range. Here is the list from The Walk ACT (where you will find maps too). The remote location of these peaks and the poor infrastructure makes them inaccessible to bike with only a few exceptions. Mt Gingera has a road to the top and easy reach to Mount Franklin Road.

  1. Bimberi Peak 1912 metres
  2. Mt Gingera 1857 metres
  3. Mt Murray 1845 metres
  4. Mt Kelly 1829 metres
  5. Mt Scabby 1790 metres
  6. Mt Namadgi 1780 metres
  7. Mt Ginnini 1762 metres
  8. Mt Gudgenby 1739 metres
  9. Little Ginnini 1735 metres
  10. Un-named 1724 metres
  11. Mt Burbidge 1721 metres
  12. Sentry Box 1718 metres
  13. Un-named 1711 metres
  14. Sentry Box Rock 1673 metres
  15. Un-named 1665 metres
  16. Little Bimberi 1650 metres
  17. Mt Franklin 1646 metres
  18. Un-named 1646 metres
  19. Un-named 1634 metres
  20. Mt Tidbinbilla 1615 metres
  21. Un-named 1615 metres
  22. Un-named 1614 metres
  23. Orroral Hill 1609 metres
  24. Mt Clear 1603 metres
  25. Mt McKheanie 1602 metres
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

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