Molonglo Valley hotspot

The west crossing of the Molonglo River is a hotspot where it all comes together. Many decisions need to be made around this strategic hotspot where Molonglo north and south meets Molonglo east and west, and the river is between.

Note: For updates on John Gorton Drive Bridge, please check the TCCS website as the planning is quite advanced. We would expect, with the high level of public interest, Minister Steel will provide frequent updates.

Update 3 June 2021 Molonglo Bridge Ministerial statement

The bridge will take longer to complete than previously anticipated, with the 2024 completion date falling back to “as early as 2025”. Considering the project has not even started yet, further delays are possible.

The most significant project currently underway in the Molonglo Valley is the completion of John Gorton Drive and the construction of a new bridge over the Molonglo River. The project is progressing well, with the development application approved in February this year. In addition to providing carriageway for private vehicles, the bridge will be future-proofed for light rail and public transport priority is currently under investigation for the intersections along John Gorton Drive. As a key transport corridor, the bridge will also include both on-road shared and an off-road shared path. We look forward to commencing the process to procure a design and construction contractor later this year, with the intent of undertaking detailed design work next year and commencing construction in mid-2023 ahead of the bridge opening as early as 2025.

Transport minister Chris Steel, Ministerial statement. Hansard from the ACT Legislative Assemble, 3 June 2021

List of articles for the four quadrants adjacent to this hotspot.

  • Molonglo
  • Whitlam
  • Molonglo 3 East
  • Coppins Crossing
  • Butters Bridge

Coppins Crossing

List of articles from newest to the oldest.


List of articles from newest to the oldest.

Molonglo 3 East

List of articles from newest to the oldest.

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