Whitlam is open

Whitlam, Molonglo Valley, ACT

Whitlam is the first suburb north of the river in the Molonglo Valley to open its door to the public. Construction is to start in 2021. Still, all is quiet.


Whitlam is very hilly and overlooks the Molonglo Valley. The suburb extends from William Hovell Drive to the river, between John Gorton Drive on one side and Kama on the other. Stage 1 is open and at the top of the hill.

The suburb is currently an island with no bike paths beyond its boundaries. The Main Community Route is yet to be completed. Local Community Routes are found in Stage 1.

Whitlam is set to be released in four stages over the next four years:

Stage 1 = from early 2020

Stage 2 = from late 2020 – early 2021

Stage 3 = 2022

Stage 4 = 2023

The first residents are expected to move into Whitlam in 2021.

Whitlams FAQ, Suburban Land Agency.

Ponds and playgrounds

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