Cities ranked by cycling: Copenhagenize Index

If Canbera is interested in comparing itself with other cities, we should be benchmarking ourselves with the best cycling cities. Europe leads in that regard. The Copenhagenize Index is another index of city ranking. More cities are added each year.

What is it?

Active transport is regarded holistically as a combination of infrastructure and other measures.

Early in 2011 a discussion arose at Copenhagenize Design Co. about which cities really are the best cities for urban cycling. Professional curiosity was the catalyst for developing this Index. We work with a diverse many cities to help them improve their bicycle friendliness, and thus wanted to be able to offer an international benchmark in order to determine the best and most effective methods for reestablishing the bicycle on the urban landscape.

THE 2019 COPENHAGENIZE INDEX of bicycle-friendly cities, accessed 16/3/2021

The 2019 Copenhagenize Index shows the world that it is no longer only the Danish and Dutch cities that are really taking the bicycle seriously. Through a combination of ambition, culture and better streetscapes, cities all around the world are starting to push the envelope for what it means to be bicycle-friendly.

THE 2019 COPENHAGENIZE INDEX of bicycle-friendly cities, accessed 16/3/2021

Copenhagen was in then top spot in 2019. Here is the reasoning.

1. Copenhagen

The Lowdown: The numbers make things easy: 62 percent of inhabitants’ trips to work or school are by bike. Copenhageners cycle 894,000 miles every day. More than $45 per capita in bicycle infrastructure investments. Four bicycle bridges built or under construction. One hundred and four miles of new regional cycle highways. And as we saw in the 2018 municipal elections, parties running on a pro-car platform don’t stand a chance. Now we just need someone to remind the Lord Mayor.

The Fixes: A series of political decisions, at all scales, have put the future of Copenhagen’s cycling reputation in question. Municipal spending limits imposed by the national government have impacted infrastructure expansion, and will continue to do so. Meanwhile, strong political leadership on sustainable mobility has been absent since the latest election, resulting in a lower priority to invest in cycling. Lower in priority, even, than car parking. The city will need to find a way out of this mess if it wants to serve as a global inspiration in years to come.

The 20 Most Bike-Friendly Cities on the Planet, WiRED, accessed 16/3/2021

The Ranking

Here is the latest ranking from 2019.

1. Copenhagen

2. Amsterdam

3. Utrecht

4. Antwerp

5. Strasbourg

6. Bordeaux

7. Oslo

8. Paris

9. Vienna

10. Helsinki

11. Bremen

12. Bogotá

13. Barcelona

14. Ljubljana

15. Berlin

16. Tokyo

17. Taipei

18. Montréal

19. Vancouver

20. Hamburg

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