Wahoo and cycling: inside and out

Canberra.bike has never been about sport. For Facebook, we chose “health and wellbeing” as a category. Cycling is a way of living and changes the way you experience the world.

Cycling for fitness

Many people are so keen on cycling they would like to take it indoors and Wahoo jump on this opportunity for people to experience cycling in their home.

Many cyclist pride themselves on their bikes so taking them indoors for storage is not unusual. Cyclist pride themselves on their fitness too and the benefits of wellbeing from the exercise. If it is only about fitness, then during bad weather, or when it is dark or cold, it is rather nice to bring the bike inside and us it there.


Wahoo is a clever company because the have cleverly targeted a specific type of cyclist and make a range of exciting products for this group. The quality of their product is very good and the product ranges from affordable to eye-watering expensive. They do not build bikes but rather the bits and pieces you need to make your bike a fitness centre.

Wahoo kickr smart trainer is the most expensive option and the power transfer is through a cassette. The more expensive options are for stronger and fitter cyclists. Wahoo kickr snap. The cheapest option where the connection to the stand is via a roller. The benefit of using the cassette is not only better stability and power but also that it is possible to attach most types of bikes, including mountain bikes.

Wahoo kickr mountain bike options. The benefit of attaching the bike to the Wahoo kickr via the cassette on the back of the bike is that they are compatible with most bike types.
Wahoo kickr mountain bike options. The benefit of attaching the bike to the Wahoo kickr via the cassette on the back of the bike is that they are compatible with most bike types.

How it works

We tested the Wahoo kickr snap which is available in most bike stores at a time when bike stores have almost no stock due to COVID-19.

The Wahoo kickr snap is a very simple idea. The bike is attached by the axel and the wheel drives a roller.

Setting the bike up for the Wahoo kickr snap stand is easy. It works best for road bikes with road tyres or similar. If the bike is roadworthy, bring it inside, dust it down and attach it to the stand. A quick release lever is provided for the back wheel that is designed to fit into the stand, but it works like any other. The stand is connected to a power.

Download the Wahoo Fitness app to your phone and connect it to the stand via Bluetooth. The app allows software updates but also the configuration for your riding power. You will be instructed to accelerate the bike up to 37 km/h and the roller will resist. Having exceeded the target speed the back wheel is allowed to spin down which provide information regarding the friction in the setup. This improves the power out measurement.

It is also possible to connect the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt or Roam to the stand via ANT. Sensors are sold to measure cadence and heart rate. The advantage of using the Wahoo Elemnt cycling computer is that it provides different training programs. Many would be familiar with the “hill climbs” and “interval training” modes of fitness centre bikes. The Wahoo Elemnt cycling computer provides this function and also serves as a display. Because speed means nothing indoors the target is always shown as power output (Watts) and below that your actual current power.

For the avid cyclists and people who enjoy fitness with a road bike, the product is recommended.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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