New suburb connected by a bridge across a canal

The Dutch build cycling and pedestrians bridges often. In the ACT we should start with the Molonglo Valley.

Coombs residences have notice commuting to the city can be difficult with a car. It is not easy for the cyclist either with the current route is not direct. The biggest problem is simply getting across the river. A pedestrian and cycling bridge would help. There is currently no interest in building one. It would be better to start planning one now as part of the CBR Cycle Route C10 Coombs to Civic.

The longest bike bridge in Europe | Newsroom | Bicycle Network

“There was a new developing suburb that required connecting up to the bike network, but there was a canal, freeway, lake and nature reserve in the way. In most parts of the world that would result in a resigned sake of the head: all too hard. But in the Netherlands: Simple, lets build an 800 metre bridge!

For a neat $10M the towns of Winschoten to Blauwestad are now connected by a 3.5m wide walking and cycling bridge known as the Blauwe Loper — or Blue Carpet — bridge.

Children can now get to their schools by a much shorter and safer route, and the new suburb is expecting an up-kick in new home construction.”

The longest bike bridge in Europe | Newsroom | Bicycle Network
Coppins Crossing underwater again on 23 March 2021 after heavy rains.

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