How to run into a cyclist under optimal driving conditions

Riding on the road may not be the smartest thing we do. Even under optimal conditions, drivers manage to run into “living things”. We all know that at speed this can/will be fatal.

Here is a demonstration of how to run into a cyclist when the driving conditions are optimal: daylight, fine weather, straight road, no problems whatsoever. That this near-miss was in the USA is of little consolation as the situation is the same for many roads here in Canberra.

Watch the video here.

Small group of friends finishing up a 50 mile ride. We were 1/2 mile from finishing at our friends house when I heard honking then a car hitting the curb. As I heard this I just thought keep pedalling and brace for impact! Thankfully it never happened and I was still upright. I don’t think neither I nor my buddies realised how close she came, but the video looks like inches. Once home I realised the severity of what happened and this clearly looks to be driver distraction and speeding. I also think the Camry on the left lane honked because he realised what she was about to do by hitting us and then she “woke up” and swerved. Thankfully I was able to make it home to my wife and daughter!!

Near Miss in Frisco, Texas, Upride.
Photo by Pixabay on
Photo by Pixabay on

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