Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail

Tumbarumba lies about 3 hours south of Canberra, not far from Tumut. The Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail a year old and built with love.

The Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail is about 20 km long and an off-road path from Tumbarumba to Rosewood with just a few road crossings. The gradient, as you would expect for a rail trail is gentle but long. The hill into Tumbarumba climbs over a distance of 5 km.

The website “Deb’s World” provides a detailed description of the trail. The rail trail has had a significant impact on the local town economy. It is well known that many rural towns suffer a slow death. Tumbarumba is a pretty valley and clearly meant to survive.

Tumbarumba trail head

The 400 km long rail line started at Tumbarumba. The rail trail is relatively short with a length 20 km.
There are good facilities at the end of the trail, adjacent to the parking area.
Pump and maintenance. A pump is found at Glenroy Station, too.
The gates leaving Tumbarumba station. The trail descends for the next 5 km to the end of the wood mill.
Busy road crossing just before the wood mill.

Glenroy Station rest area

Glenroy Station is the “half way” point about 9 km from Rosewood.
Riding into Glenroy Station from Tumbarumba.
Enjoying the view at Glenroy.
Rural views

Mannus Creek

The beautiful bridge at Mannus Creek.
Rural views. The pastures often have few trees, which means there is no a long of shade along the way.
There are a few of these gates along the way.
Road overpass between properties coming into Rosewood.
A typical overpass – simple but well made.
Cattle are seen regularly in the paddocks separated from the path by new fences.
Every kilometre you will find way markers. Not that you will get lost, but the confirmation of the good progress is welcome.
A ridge runs parallel to the trail riding into Rosewood.
Wombats love the rail trail, too.
A flat section of the trail.
Many curious cows watch you riding buy.

Rosewood Station

Rosewood Station lies on the edge of the town. The trail ends about 1 km after that.

Rosewood is not that big and heralded by trees.
The edge of the town are horse paddocks.
Most would not stop at Rosewood Station as the park at the end is nicer.

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