Denman Prospect: the bigger picture

Woodstock Nature Reserve, Murrumbidgee River Corridor, north of Stockdill Drive, West Belconnen

The Molonglo Valley appears to be a sea of green, but has been carved in regions with quite different futures: it is important to look at the bigger picture of Denman North, the new section of the Denman Prospect estate and the surrounds.

Denman North is south of Namarag. The estate development application was released a few months ago. The pine forest has been stripped away, and the area fenced off, ready for construction. The area beside the John Gorton Drive Bridge is likely to remain dormant until the bridge is completed.

Denman Prospect (5335597) labelled
Denman Prospect (relation number 5335597) labelled. Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors

What and where

In the area surrounding Denman Prospect are a number of reserves.

  • Lower Molonglo River Nature Reserve
  • Upper Molonglo River Nature Reserve

Both are discussed at more length here. Lower Molonglo River Nature Reserve reaches to the Murrumbidgee River.

Lower Molonglo Nature Reserve (9386896)
Lower Molonglo Nature Reserve (relation number 9386896). Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors

To the north of the Lower Molonglo River Nature Reserve on the Murrumbidgee River lies Woodstock Nature Reserve beside the suburb of Strathnairn.

Woodstock Nature Reserve (9386895)
Woodstock Nature Reserve (relation number 9386895). Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors

Adjacent to Denman North is a private lease Stromlo Block 402 & 404.

STROMLO Block 402 & 404 (10110796)
Stromlo Block 402 & 404 (relation number 10110796). Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors

Behind Molonglo Valley is the district of Stromlo, which is being considered for further development.

District of Stromlo (3337651)
District of Stromlo (relation number 3337651). Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors

The district Molonglo Valley is a large area that includes the National Arboretum but not the Lower Molonglo River Nature Reserve.

District of Molonglo Valley (3337649)
District of Molonglo Valley (relation number 3337649). Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors

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