ACT Projects Pipeline 2021-22: selected projects

An interesting list of upcoming projects in the ACT in 2021-2022 (stand 20 Jul 2021), including the new suburbs of Jacka (Gungahlin) and Whitlam (Molonglo Valley), and duplications such as Athllon Drive. The list is sorted by procurement start. Indicative package values are included for most projects (others are marked Not For Publication ie NFP)

Despite package values of less than $0.5 million, there are no cycling projects in this list. Any major cycling project planned in 2021-2022 should be found here. The list was update long after the 2020 ACT Election. As far as cycling is concerned, this cannot be seen in a positive light.

Project TitleTotal Project Value ($)Indicative Package Value ($)Contract TypeProcurement Start
Monaro Highway – Early Works and Utilities100-250m5-10mConstructionJul-21
Molonglo High Voltage Relocation Consultancy ServicesNFPNFPConsultantJul-21
Whitlam Stage 3A – Residential Estate DevelopmentNFPNFPConstructionJul-21
Whitlam 3 – Engineering Consultancy ServicesNFP0.5-2mConsultantJul-21
Monaro Highway – David Warren Road100-250m2-5mDesignAug-21
Athllon Drive Duplication Detailed Design (x2)Programme2-5mConsultantAug-21
Active Street for Schools0.5-2m0.25-0.5mConstructionAug-21
Mawson Drive Improvements0.5-2m0.25-0.5mConstructionAug-21
Raising London Circuit – Main Works250m+50m+ConstructionSep-21
Molonglo River Bridge – Construction100-250m50m+D&CSep-21
Dickson Streetscape Design DevelopmentProgramme2-5mConstructionSep-21
Traffic Signal Improvements0.5-2m0.25-0.5mConstructionSep-21
Jacka 2 – Stage 1A – Residential Estate DevelopmentNFPNFPConstructionSep-21
Jacka 2 – Engineering Consultancy ServicesNFP0.5-2mConsultantSep-21
Whitlam Stage 3C – Residential Estate DevelopmentNFPNFPConstructionSep-21
East Gungahlin High School supporting road infrastructureProgramme5-10mConstructionOct-21
Braddon Streetscape Design DevelopmentProgramme2-5mD&COct-21
Jacka 2- Stage 1B – Residential Estate developmentNFPNFPConstructionOct-21
Jacka 2 – Stage 1C – Residential Estate DevelopmentNFPNFPConstructionNov-21
Whitlam Stage 3B – Residential Estate DevelopmentNFPNFPConsultantJan-22
Monaro Highway – Lanyon Drive Intersection100-250m50m+D&CFeb-22
Greenway Pedestrian Bridge and Path Network (2017-05-17)NFPNFPConstructionFeb-22
Greenway Pedestrian Bridge and Path Network – Engineeing Consultancy ServicesNFP0.25-0.5mConsultantFeb-22
Traffic Modelling for Parkes Way and South West Corridor (Tuggeranong Parkway)0.5-2m0.5-2mDesignTBA
Source: ACT Projects Pipeline selected projects, stand 20 Jul 2021, accessed 7 October 2021.

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