Roads, roads and more roads

From public data, we know that in the ACT $1.3 billion will be spent on road widening or duplication projects between 2020 and 2040. These projects are completed, planned or coming. 2 of the projects are already completed, most are already funded, and a further 3 big-ticket items are planned in the next decade or 2. That is just what we know now – watch this space!

How much have we learnt in the last 2 years in the Molonglo Valley? Well, there is an increasing push for widening or duplicating roads, à la “my SUV, my road, my right to drive”. We do not know the price for that piece of car infrastructure yet. A feasibility study will tell us how much it will cost. With a bit of luck our urban sprawl might slow down, but currently it is questionable that Canberra’s appetite for SUVs and road duplications will decrease.

We can then consider Minister Steel’s comments today (24 March 2022). He said at the ACT Legislative Assembly that $43 million will be spent on Active Travel projects. That really does not sound like much compared to the number cited above. Research shows that low cycling countries notoriously underinvest in cycle infrastructure.

Project Value (Million)
In the budget or complete$947
Prepared by, 23 March 2022.

In the budget or completed

This table is discussed in more detail in the article Analysis: ACT cycling investment just 1%.

Project Value (Million)CompletedFederal FundingStateSource
Monaro Highway$231noACTQTB
Athllon Drive$80noACTQTB
William Hovell Drive$65noACTQTB
Gundaroo Drive Stage 3$55noACTQTB
John Gorton Drive$176noACTQTB
Gundaroo Drive Gungahlin$30completedyesACTRiotACT
East Gungahlin road works$17noACTQTB
Canberra Brickworks$8noACTQTB
Barton Highway$200noNSWRiotACT
Ellerton Drive$86completedNSWRiotACT
Total $947million
Prepared by, 23 March 2022.


These projects have been announced for the next decade or 2.

Project Value MillionTime Frame yearsFederal FundingStateSource
East West Arterial road and bridge$22820ACT2021 Molonglo East-West Arterial Road Feasibility Study
Bindubi Street / William Hovell Drive Interchange$4720ACT2021 Molonglo East-West Arterial Road Feasibility Study
Canberra South-West Corridor Upgrade$10010likelyACTQTB, FOI 21-111
Prepared by, 23 March 2022.

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