What is wrong with Molonglo 3 East

A case study for Molonglo 3 East Planning and Infrastructure Study Project Brief and urban planning of new estates in the ACT. The ACT Government announced in the 2012 ACT Planning Strategy that it “sought to create a more compact, efficient and inclusive city” The proximity between new suburbs in Molonglo Valley and the cityContinue reading “What is wrong with Molonglo 3 East”

Whitlam: Molonglo Valley or South Belconnen?

How far can you ride from Whitlam from the time of the first land release in March 2020? Belconnen is a 20 minute ride. The city is about 30 minutes away, but Coombs is also 30 minutes distant. It is a hard place to get out of, with no off-road bike paths beyond the firstContinue reading “Whitlam: Molonglo Valley or South Belconnen?”

Schools in the ACT around Whitlam

I considered in another post the proximity of the new suburb of Whitlam to school and other infrastructure. Whitlam appear to be lost at the end of the Molonglo valley. Schools are particularly important as the children living in Whitlam have to go to school somewhere. I have discovered a full list of schools inContinue reading “Schools in the ACT around Whitlam”

Cycle highways and the Active Travel Framework

The aim here is to link the “cycle highway” vision with the Active Travel Framework. The term “cycle highways” is disconnected from the planning mechanism in the ACT, in particular those of the ROAD AUTHORITY and PLANNING AUTHORITY. It is necessary to show where cycle highways sit in the active travel key statutory and non-statutoryContinue reading “Cycle highways and the Active Travel Framework”

Our Canberra: a new cycling bridge

The ACT Government hailed the Butters Bridge as “a new cycling bridge in the Molonglo Valley” (Our Canberra, December 2016). Unfortunately, this has turned out not the case. ACT Environment does not want cyclists to use it. The intentions for the bridge are discussed more at length here. Now the bridge is block at oneContinue reading “Our Canberra: a new cycling bridge”

Molonglo River Reserve cycling summary

The Molonglo River Reserve is a very long reserve that separates the north and south sections of the Molonglo Valley development. On 16 September 2008, the ACT and Commonwealth Governments commenced a strategic assessment for development areas in Molonglo Valley under Part 10 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) (EPBC Act).Continue reading “Molonglo River Reserve cycling summary”

Would the 20-minute neighbourhoods work for the ACT?

I read an article in The Conversation regarding the 20-minute neighbourhoods. (People love the idea of 20-minute neighbourhoods, The Conversation, 19/2/2020) Would the 20-minute neighbourhoods work for the ACT? The answer seems to be yes. I calculated with OpenRouteService for each town and group centre, the area no more than 20 minute distant for a normalContinue reading “Would the 20-minute neighbourhoods work for the ACT?”