Political decisions under the ‘veil of ignorance’ 

Political philosophy: how can be Government justify taking a stance in the interest of good of the people. The status quo is not ethically the best position. When the government has ample evidence that the status quo is harmful and threatens society in the long term, how can it justify change. Political leadership is just that. The implications are true for cycling too, which requires political leadership to pull the switch.

Canberra Centenary Trail: Taylor to Forde

The section of Canberra Centenary Trail along the border with NSW overlooks Gungahlin and winds its way amongst rural hills The Canberra Centenary Trail is an adventure – walking, riding or any other way. The ACT Environment’s website is hopelessly out of date – do not let that put you off.

Roundabout beside Copland College

The new roundabout beside Copland College on the corner of Copland Drive and Verbrugghen Street is not complete. The design was questioned but nothing has changed. This article discusses the safety considerations for vulnerable road users for the design of the roundabout planned for the corner of Copland Drive and Verbrugghen Street.