The lifetime cost of a bike

Businesses are accustomed to calculating the lifetime cost of ownership of a motor vehicle. This is something we rarely do in our private lives. An inexpensive new car with an on-road purchase price below $20,000 will cost easily $4000 per annum when all costs are considered. For that price, a family could have a number of very nice bikes. Bikes have a lifetime cost as well and here is one example.

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Putting kids on bikes

The Canberra bike stores are fewer, bigger and more competitive. They will usually price match. Bike stores just want the sale. Kids grow fast, and once an enthusiastic cyclist, then always a cyclist. They know you will be back. Pricing for kids bikes starts from $200 and goes up to about $500.

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Sharing the road: we all need a smile recently discussed Austroads recommendations for 30km/h speed limits on local streets. Many local streets are barely wide enough for two cars to pass and without community paths. Despite this, the speed limit is 50km/h on local streets in Canberra. If a child gets injured, the motorist’s apologies are not likely to help either the child or the family – or the driver. This is the problem of vulnerable road users. Collisions are often fatal.

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On your bike: the electric bike alternative

“Expensive” is a relative expression. We will go to the same effort to get a 5% discount whether products costs $100 or $10,000. We much prefer to have a $5 discount for cash than pay $5 more to use the credit card. Electric bikes are comparatively cheap and we are beginning to notice.

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ACT Environment’s advice to cyclists

The ACT Environment is very accommodating. I think it’s worth noting their advice to cyclists. I will highlight interesting information from ACT Environment in the coming weeks. 

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Is there a typical cyclist?

The Canberra cyclist is many things: some are fit and some are not, some are old and some are young, both men and women. There are different types of bikes, and people ride for many reasons.

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