Mount Stromlo to the Murrumbidgee River

Explore the route now, but some of it is on foot. A rideable corridor to the Murrumbidgee River came up again with the release of “The best of Canberra mountain bike experience” report this week. Here is the proposed route. 

Ride or Walk to School: Physical Activity Foundation

The Physical Activity Foundation runs the ACT ride to school program. Schools are not resourced for this sort of thing. Bikes, for example, are not something schools would own. Clearly, a child can only learn to ride on a bike. Not every family may be able to afford the bike. Schools hire instruments but not bikes. Here is how it is done.

Children who walk or cycle to school

In the 1970s, most children took themselves to school. The past is another land and people live there differently. The congestion now within a kilometre of a primary school confirms that most children are chauffeured to school. Here is one study on active travel on the topic.