Recreational cycling close to home

Planning a recreational ride starts with identifying the options. CyclOSM highlights where you can cycle with blue and green lines and greys out where you cannot.

Canberra Nature Park on OpenStreetMap

Cycling is permitted in 30 of the Canberra Nature Park reserves. Information from the Management Plan 2019 can be found in OpenStreetMap. The rideable reserves are previewed here.

OpenStreetMap is the best map for the Canberra cyclist

Riding in Canberra is great if you know where to go. Roads are not the best option, and paths are much safer. OpenStreetMap shows all the paths. Load an app on your smartphone and the map goes with you. Let me point you in the right direction.

Isochrone plot generated with OpenRouteService

How far can you ride on a normal bike in Canberra in 60 minutes? The distance depends a great deal on the infrastructure and how direct and good it is. It has less to do with the type of bike you ride. Road and electric bikes are bit better than a “normal” bike, and anContinue reading “Isochrone plot generated with OpenRouteService”