ACT Road Safety Action Plan 2020-2023

“Road Safety. It’s Everyone’s Responsibility.” The ACT Government’s focus on road safety. The report is disappointingly inaccessible, considering the importance of the topic. The slogan “Everyone’s Responsibility” denies that those that can cause more damage and harm have more responsibility. This is accepted with truck drivers, but not cars drivers.

Athllon Drive Duplication: not for cyclists

Athllon Drive Duplication is coming but for the cyclist it is nothing to get excited about. The Athllon Drive Duplication has been welcomed by many in the south who drive to Woden or Civic. For cyclists, however, the project sadly offers little. Road duplications are about prioritising cars not bikes.

Section 5.3 Cycle highways

The idea of “cycle highway” needs to be located within the Active Travel Framework, so that it is not disconnected from the planning mechanism in the ACT.

Liveability: comfortable, vibrant, safe, walkable

Cities are built for people, and if they are well done, they are good places to live. This is the aim of urban design. Walter Burley Griffin worked from a clean sheet. Urban planning is usually changing what we already have, and this means lots of stakeholders and compromises.

Section 4.1 Austroads recommendations on speed limits

We are warned of the dangers of roads from an early age, but few would know just how dangerous a car driving at the 50 km/h in a local street can be. At 50 km/h there is a low chance of a struck pedestrian or cyclist surviving. Austroads recommends lowering speed limits.

Active Travel Streets: low-speed, low-volume, traffic calmed, retrofit

The older parts of Canberra are due for a rebuild, to make more space for people and easier and safer to get around. Active Travel Streets will be part of it. Active travel is reclaiming space for cyclists, walkers, joggers, people pushing prams and those using wheelchairs.

Active travel: key documents

Active travel and urban planning documents could be of interest. For a number of popular ones, the document has been attached for download. Some are available on the ACT Government website. All documents can be obtained via Freedom of Information requests.