ACT Coroner: poorly maintained path contributed to the death

The cyclist Dr Teresa Foce died on a poorly maintained path, awash with gravel. The ACT Government needs to show more responsibility for path maintenance of the bike paths.

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Heysen Street to Woden Town Centre

The Heysen Street Link bike path will be extended to Woden Town Centre. After years of delays, many projects shrink, but Heysen Street Link has grown to something more. A happy end.

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Kuringa Drive and Owen Dixon Drive intersection: waiting since 2016

The missing link between Kuringa Drive and Barton Highway has been discussed since at least 2016 and now tied with an intersection upgrade. Neither has started. The intersection looks as it was four years ago. ACT Labor’s promises are worth little if nothing gets done over the parliamentary term.

Update 9 April 2021 Kuringa Drive

The work on the upgrade of the Kuringa Drive and Owen Dixon Drive intersection has begun. Expect delays. The works include a bike path along Kuringa Drive. 🙂

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Belconnen Bikeway during construction

Despite rumours, the Belconnen Bikeway is most definitely not finished and still under construction. The Your guide to cycling in Canberra TCCS map (January 2019) expected the bikeway to be finished. Something went wrong. It was open just before the Christmas 2020. 

Update 6 February 2021 Belconnen Bikeway

The construction along Emu Bank is completed. However, the construction of the section promised at the 2016 ACT Election along Benjamin Way has not yet begun.

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Aranda CBR Cycle Route C5: falling short of expectations

The ongoing saga of Aranda bike path and the lastest email from Tara Cheyne on the topic. Maintenance is sorely needed but despite the newest promises nothing has been done. ACT Labor has never got on top of this issue in their 19 years in government.

Aranda update 13 February 2021

The lower section of the Aranda bike path (C5) has been resurfaced following the 2020 ACT Election but is already cracking due to tree roots. The root cause of the cracking previously was also the trees. This problem is well understood as asphalt reshapes itself to the underlying ground like a glacier. Asphalt is more like plasticine than concrete. The ACT Active Travel Stand Drawings and Austroads recommendations for bike paths provide recommendations for bike path construction to avoid such issues. For roads the asphalt is laid on a thick compacted road base (for John Gorton Drive it has about a 30 cm thickness). The construction of a bike path is similar with a thick “road base” and a relative thin layer of asphalt over that. The “road base” is important as it provides the stability and load bearing that asphalt lacks.

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The Conservation Council ACT Region: 2020 ACT Election scorecard

The Conservation Council ACT Region also publishes a scorecard for the 2020 ACT Election. Their scorecard has a much broader agenda than that of Pedal Power ACT but also includes active travel.

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Pedal Power ACT in the shadows believes that Pedal Power ACT should strive to increase their brand awareness. A month after a great public love-in with the ACT Government, Pedal Power has slunk back into the shadows.

An overview of the party policies for the 2020 ACT Election can be found on the Pedal Power ACT scorecards.

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