Epic Gravel Trail: CyclingGravel

CyclingGravel has recently published a commentary about the Canberra Centenary Trail. As canberra.bike has noted the environment and the quality and type of the trail vary a lot. The Canberra Centenary Trail was designed to showcase all that is good about Canberra. Canberra Centenary Trail tries to make everybody happy and that is its weakness.

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Arboretum to Mount Ainslie: CyclingGravel

CyclingGravel has been out and about and is always good for ideas. This route is from National Arboretum to Campbell via Black Mountain and Ainslie. The route is found in Komoot and on the website. If you do not mind the suburbs this is a good ride.

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ACT playgrounds: WeekendNotes

Playgrounds are of great interest for many. They are certainly a great ride destination with children. Between 2015-2018 many of the playgrounds where reviewed on Weekend Notes. There a links to playground reviews below.

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Canberra Nature Park: Australian Hiker

Australian Hiker is a website for bushwalking but there are interesting reviews of Canberra Nature Park. As routes are often along management trails they can be ridden as well. In the worst case of ‘walking only’ trails, the review may provide inspiration for further investigation what is possible along management trails.

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South Canberra ridges: CyclingGravel

The ride starts at Deakin, on the northern end of Red Hill Nature Reserve and sweeps south and west to end at Stromlo Forest Park. The route strings together a number of Canberra Nature Park reserves. 

The “South Canberra ridges” article can be found here.

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William Hovell Drive duplication: The RiotACT

Duplications are a common occurrence in Canberra. Now William Hovell Drive has its turn. This is a “shared story” from The Riot ACT.

Update 14 May 2021 Federal funding in budget

Apart from the Federal Government committing to provide 50% funding, there is very little we know about William Hovell Drive. Core samples have been made as they are required to finalise the design. Fact is though, the design has not been finalised and until it is, there is not much to be said. The design is interesting due to the tight restriction between Kama and The Offset Area below Hawker. See a photo of the cutting below.

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Molonglo River Reserve: CyclingGravel

Riding around LBG is ok, but can get busy. Riding the Molonglo valley on this gravel trail leaves the crowds behind.

Molonglo River Reserve — Cycling Gravel

I have done this ride myself and can recommend it. If you do not want to do the whole ride, then try part of it. Enjoy the cycling!