Urban planning: we think like mayflies

The Romans built a bridge, marched across the Rhine River, beat up the barbarians and then marched back again, destroying the bridge on the way. All part of a good weekend’s work. It served to remind the barbarians that they were not safe!

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Namadgi National Park: partly opened again

Namadgi National Park has been closed for over a year and now some sections have opened again. The gravel section of Boboyan Road is in poor condition and a 4WD is recommended. Orroral Valley Road is closed leaving just Apollo Road open.

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Transport projects in the Molonglo Valley

While the John Gorton Drive Bridge is well known by now, another river crossing has barely been mentioned. Minister Steel’s presentation last night at the Molonglo Valley Community Forum shed a little light on the subject.

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Cost Benefit Analysis thinking: unexpected results

Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) is a common practice for considering infrastructure investment. While cycle infrastructure always works out as a net positive the 1CBA may be part of the cycling malady.

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Southwells Crossing: floodplains are wet

We accept that tidal plains are part of the ocean, but not that floodplains are part of the river. we know that anything on the floodplain will be washed away with the next flood. Nomen est omen.

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The next Molonglo River crossing disappears

The Molonglo Valley floods regularly and one of the river level crossings has been washed away – again. This leaves the Molonglo with one less rideable crossing and fully intact cycling path. This might be the first, but it is not likely the last.

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